Welcome to Hankasalmi!

Welcome to visit a small village in a central Finland, in Jyväskylä region. Here you’ll get to know local history and culture – and if you’re coming in right time, You’ll have a change to explore our countryside as well as rural areas and farmers a lot more better than usually. Why? Because We are arranging our own Hankasalmi Harvest Festival again in fall 2020! 

This year Hankasalmi is calling for you to visit our lovely village!


“Hankasalmi kutsuu! -project wants to highlight our local culture and expertise as well as encourage locals to show their skill and love for Hankasalmi.”

Get to know the backround of Hankasalmi harvest festival

Hankasalmi kutsuu! -project is behind the Hankasalmi Harvest festival, which has been arranged for the first time at 2019.

Project’s mission is to create new networks among community actors, bring up local rural culture, present local rural producers and other local associations/companies etc. Project also includes a teaching kids and young people about a view to the sustainable development of local food culture.

Hankasalmi kutsuu! -project started at summer 2018 and it will last until december 2020. Project’s funding comes from central finland’s ELY-central from EU’s European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. 

Project is managed by Hankasalmi 4H-association and hired a project coordinator for the project until the end of the project.

News from Hankasalmi

Harvest Festival is coming again in 2020!

Let’s celebrate finnish countryside and this year’s up-comming harvest all together! We are now planning this years event and looking fot the places to visit. The date of the event will be announced soon..!


Is winter already over?

In Hankasalmi we usually can enjoy beautiful snowy winter usually until march, but this year past winter has been full of surprises. Sometimes it looks like spring has arrived soon – until the next snowfall arrives and gives us a good winter weather.


Christmas time in Hankasalmi

Christmas time is always full of action and this was the case also in year 2019. We enjoyed again great christmas atmosphere in many events that locals arranged in Hankasalmi.



IMG_3607 (2)

Harvest festival



In Hankasalmi we celebrate our countryside and local farm’s hard work by arranging a Hankasalmi Harvest Festival in fall 2020! It’s gonna be a second time we arrange the festival and we are even more excited about it than the last time!

We warmly invite you all to come celebrate central finland’s harvest to central finland’s beautiful countryside. In festival weekend you’ll get to know local farmers, their animals and products. There will be lots of different places to explore and you’ll get to meet a local people in their own homes or workplaces.


What kind of place is Hankasalmi?

Small village in
the Central Finland

Hankasalmi has nearly 5 000 residents and it is located between two cities, Kuopio and Jyväskylä in central Finland's border. Hankasalmi is a truly rural municipality, which means that we have lots of farms, fields and nature wilderness.

Up in the hill,
down to the lake

Hankasalmi is beautiful place to stay, because we have so much forest, small hills and more than 90 lakes! Here you can enjoy atmosphere of a finnish countryside, that has been set by lakes, hills and nature's wilderness. Our village has a strong rural municipality, so we have also lots of farms, fields, and animals.

Shy finns with passion for living in a countryside

Hankasalmi has a strong, small community. Local people might seem a bit shy or rough at first, but when we truly get to know you, you'll see that we are warmly and helpful people. We value our nature, history and old habits as well as people with hardworking attitude and honesty.

What do we value in Hankasalmi?

Local work

We highly value local work and products. There are not many reasons why local should leave our village and if there is some reason, it's just gonna need a short trip to Jyväskylä once or twice a year.


Nature is the one thing what we want to respect and value, so that's why ecology is also an important thing to us. We hope yo will respect our pure nature and collect and separate your rubbish in right trashes.


Hankasalmi has a long history. First residents came here in around 1500. You can explore culture and history by visiting local museums or monuments.